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I have known Sabine for over 20 years and previously worked with her in the hospitality sector in Whistler.  Sabine has a unique ability to understand the complex dynamics of a business and is able to use that knowledge to facilitate targeted training and development programs for all levels of staff so that they are able to reach their highest potential.  She is a strategic thinker and is able to foster a strong workplace culture that is challenging, rewarding and even fun.  In my role as a member of the executive team Sabine was able to provide me with the support and guidance I needed at every turn.


Emily Taylor, CPA, CA, ICD.D



Our construction company has hired Sabine to assist us  with a variety of HR projects.  We are very pleased with all the outcomes so far! We are a mid-size company and do not have a dedicated HR role. The diverse work she assisted with started with an HR Audit  to identify our gaps.  She has helped us update on-boarding documents, facilitate a workshop on Leadership for the Site Leadership Team, and most significantly, Sabine coordinated a strategic planning process to define our company's mission, vision and core values.  Her professionalism, quick-thinking and ability to narrow in on what is important comes from her vast experience and passion for the field of human resources. I absolutely recommend her services and will continue to call upon her for oversee our company's HR requirements.


Jennifer Raffler, Owner, Marketing and Administration

COAST CONSTRUCTION , Whistler and Vancouver


I have worked with Sabine on and off for over 10 years.  She has an innate ability to really listen and really understand what situations and concerns are.  She has an inquisitive mind and gets to the heart of a situation.  She has a very calm inviting demeanour allowing others to express themselves wholly and safely.  She is also a creative and innovation problem solver. She takes a collaborative approach, ensuring all involved are onboard with results and decisions.  Sabine is very much a visionary and long-term thinker making her a solid strategic business partner.

Gabrielle Stauber

Recruitmenet Manager, Health and Safety Manager, Administration Manager



Sabine and I have worked together on a variety of projects over the last 5 years.  Sabine is an incredible HR professional.  She has a vast amount of experience and knowledge in all aspects of human resources including training and development, facilitation, recognition tools, employee engagement, employee relations, performance management, recruitment, strategic planning and more. She is a specialist in building strong corporate culture.   Plus she's a pleasure to work with -  I do not hesitate to recommend her services.


Jacki Bissillion, Ownder, President & Chief Bottle Washer



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