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LEARNING PACKAGES - under construction

1. Buy the package.

2. Download the package.

3. Learn at your leisure.


Each package includes:

- a video workshop facilitated by Sabine

- downloadable participant manual

- relevant editable forms

Waiting Area


This workshop will provide your leaders with tools to recruit your future superstars.  Superstars who live and breath your Vision, Mision and Values. 


You will start with clearly defining the role your are hiring for, creating insightful interview questions, learn how to conduct a successful interview and complete summaries, make an offer and communicate regrets.

Contract Review


Employees should look forward to their performance reviews - not fear them. 


The performance review should be viewed as valuable time spent with their leader - to receive positive and constructive feedback with a focus on future development. This workshop will provide your leaders with the practical skills to do just that!

Work Interview


Sometimes employee performance does not meet standards or expectations.  Providing constructive feedback is never something a leader relishes!  This workshop teaches leaders how to provide timely, relevant & positive constructive feedback with a growth mindset.  It will cover the steps of performance management, the need for documentation and also the soft skills required to have a positive outcome for both parties.

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